We manufacture wiring looms for the car enthusiast who is building a custom street or race car.  All workmanship  is of the highest quality and only premium quality components are used.  With over 10 years experience wiring cars to comply with ADRs (Australian Design Rules) we are able to construct looms to your requirements.

As an authorized  MoTeC dealer we support all their engine management systems and can supply a loom, that meets your needs. 




  • Compete wiring looms

  • Custom made battery cables  (hex crimped)

  • Up to 16 way fuse panels with labels

  • Plug in relay mounts and relays

  • Fusible links

  • Connectors, suitable for most applications

  • Wiring looms for MoTeC engine management systems

  • CAD circuit diagrams can be provided for all wiring looms supplied                                 

We can supply

Part of a circuit diagram as supplied to a customer