As a MoTeC dealer we are able to offer a full range of tuning services to all of MoTeC's product range, this also includes their superseded products.  All tuning is done by computer and can be done in real time, this gives quick and accurate results placing less strain on the engine and or drive train.

Services offered

  • MoTeC Engine Management set up prior to engine start

  • Diagnostic testing of the fuel and ignition system

  • Engine and chassis dyno tuning, to set fuel and ignition maps

  • Road tuning, using both direct and data logging methods

  • Track tuning using data logging

  • Set up of ancillary functions, such as traction control, shift light etc

  • Set up or adjustment of multiple throttle bodies and linkages

A typical set up on a customers V8 engine, using a 1000 CFM throttle body and sequential fuel injection.  This engine was tuned to comply with  current ADR requirements and produced in excess of 215 kW at the rear wheels.