Petewell Engineering is pleased to advise that it is a MoTeC dealer.  MoTeC manufactures one of the most advanced engine management systems on the market today.  These systems offer outstanding reliability, in a range of products and options that will satisfy even the most demanding requirements.  The units are fully programmable via a laptop computer and are ideally suited for race or modified road engine applications.

MoTeC systems have been used in a wide range of applications from leading group A race teams to original equipment on low volume production cars (which are required to meet Australian design rules).

MoTeC offers three engine management systems M4, M48 & M8, all of the systems are software upgradable, so you only pay for the options you require. Also there is no need to remove the ECU when upgrading at a later date, just connect a lap top computer and send the upgrade code.

Typical Uses

                    M4:-   4 cylinder sequential fire or 6, 8 or 12 cylinder group fire.  Road or race.

                    M48:- 6 or 8 cylinder sequential fire. Road or race.

                    M8:-  Top end race applications.

All of the Engine management systems have diagnostic facilities to help find permanent or intermittent faults, which can be very helpful if you have faulty wiring or engine sensor.

MoTeC offer a wide range of operation modes making them compatible with most modern trigger and ignition systems, also they are able to drive injectors with resistance as low as half an ohm.

Some other features that can be supplied

  • Data logging

  • Traction and launch control

  • Warning alarms

  • Ground speed limiting

  • Gear change light

  • Air conditioning control

  • RPM limit, hard or soft cut, fuel and / or ignition

For full technical specifications please visit the MoTeC web site, listed on the link page

Petewell would only be too happy to help you with your installation and provide a written quotation if required.